Dummies Guide to Healing More than 1 Target ( For Paladins , Shamans , Druids and Priests)

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Dummies Guide to Healing More than 1 Target ( For Paladins , Shamans , Druids and Priests)

Post  Auntpol on Wed Feb 06, 2008 1:13 pm

Ok hi there , it has recently ( at HKM ) come under my attention that certain people can only heal 1 target , im here to show and tell you that you CAN heal more than 1 target , even if you arent a class with HoT's ( Healing Over Time)

1st off , when we assign healers we have the following
Primary healing Targets:
Dictionary Definition : first or highest in rank or importance

This is the MAIN/PRIMARY target you get , the guy you will heal if everything goes flawless.........but 99.9% of the time , things dont go Flawless thats where

Smart healing
Dictionary Definition :having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability: a smart student , Common sense

Smart healing , or raid healing , or Secondary healing or Support healing
Dictionary Definition for Support : a person or thing that gives aid or assistance

Ok so You are Assigned to Heal a Tank , But the tank is not taking any damage , or hes taking so little , that you can keep him up with 1 Heal now and then , do we stand and count our teeth? NO!!! this is where support healing kicks in:

Priests , You have renew , Prayer of mending and Bubble , Which are all Instant cast , Druids you have a person Reuvenation. This means , even if your tank is taking a lot of damage , then you can still assist with those , where if the tank aint taking a lot of damage you can use Greater heals , healing touch , Flash heal , what ever suits you and your gear , Paladins , You can Flash heal a neighboring tank that you see is having a hard time , or the mage next to you who ate a cleave in the face , same goes for shamans.

Primary targets Get PRIORITY , but in the end , if anyone dies , its the Healing Body's Fault , because 99% of the time , the healer next to the person that died , although not Primary healing the person that died , could have used a flash heal or bubbled or anything.

Binding Keys:

So , ive heard the excuse "The tank died too fast" please.... dont give me that crap , 90% of tanks pump 18-20k Hp with good gear and the right setup , in HKM , theres no way hed "Die too fast", Only reason i could think of why a tank would seem to die fast , is because of a slow healer.

Reasons for Possible Slow healing:
*laggy PC
*Using Mouse to Individually Click each spell
*Not Focusing
*or not Specced

Solutions for this :
*Place your main Healing Spells next to each other
*Bind your spells to keys
*In case of laggy PC , fix it , via formatting , or Disabeling addons
*Focus is in your best interest , so focus
*if you aint holy specced , or rest , ill pick it up soon enough

ok , So its really hard to make a guide on Multiple healing targets , at the end of the day it comes down to how good you yourself want to play , if you dont really care about anything , then you will never play good , start putting some effort into this , because some people are working their asses off.

Conclusion : healers need 3 things -
1.a Brain that works Fairly Good
2.Understands his class
No gear , No pots , no nothing , yes they help , but the basic healing comes from the Guy bashing the keyboard


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