Boss Tactics - The Lurker Below [Downed by BiP. SS added]

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Boss Tactics - The Lurker Below [Downed by BiP. SS added]

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SSC/The Lurker Below.

Lurker has 4 main abilities.
1)Spout - Every 45 seconds, a water ray starts at the tank, slowly rotating in a random direction for about 370 Over 6k damage with a huge knockback (over 30 yards).
2)Whirl - Physical aoe to all in melee range. 3-4k damage, 5 yard knockback.
3)Geyser - Random attack on random ranged target. 3.5k frost damage AOE (2-3 yards), 10 yard knockback to all affected.
4)Water Bolt - Only used if no targets are in melee range. 2 sec cast, 9-11k damage, random target

Yea, and he also has 2 phases which he will repeat until he dies. In the first phase he does the abilities mentioned above which are really easy to avoid. Especially as all the abilities are shown on the deadly boss mod (DBM) timers.
Spout is the easiest thing to avoid, you just have to keep your eyes opened and when you see the water ray coming, just jump into the water and when the ray passes you jump back up and keep nuking/healing.
Whirl doesn't effect ranged dps or healers who are not near to Lurker. For the melee DPS (feral druids, rogues, dps warriors/shamans etc) when you see the Whirl coming in, 5 seconds before DBM timer runs out, move away from lurker to the edge of the island. Then you wont get knocked back and can continue nuking after. (For the main tank it's different, when you see the whirl coming move into the water where lurker is and when he does whirl he knocks you back on the platform.)
Geyser is not avoidable and about water bolt, well the general idea is that the tank is always in melee range so it shouldnt hit any ranged dps/healers.

Now what you have to pay attention to is that after Spuot, Lurker does an instant Whirl, so look out for that, melee DPS and Tank, dont move close to the boss after Spout, and if you do then, melee dps moves out 5 secs before Spout ends and Tank moves into the water 5 secs before the Spuot ends ( tank dont forget to taunt after spout, and yes his tauntable).

Now about the Second Phase. Lurker will go underwater for 60 seconds and spawn total of 9 adds. 3 Coilfang Guardians on the middle circle and 2 Coilfang Ambushers on each of the three other islands. We will sheep 3 of the Guardians and we'll keep them sheeped during the whole fight. So mages chainsheeeeep. About the Ambushers, every island will handle their own. They should go down easy as they dont hit hard and only have 20k HP or so.

When the adds are down we should have some extra time for getting the raid to full HP if needed and Phase one starts all over again.

And thats basically the whole fight. Just keep doing that, the main thing is to stay focused, look out for spout and whirl because they are so easy to avoid. IMO the only problem why there is a wipe would be that the tank dies or the mages dont keep their sheeps up. Other than that its a tank and spank. So lets get him down;)

If anyone has anything to add feel free to do so. I might have missed something.

Next boss please.


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