Boss Tactics - Void Reaver aka Loot Reaver.

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Boss Tactics - Void Reaver aka Loot Reaver.

Post  Telling on Sun Feb 03, 2008 6:56 am


Pounding: 18 yard AoE around the Void Reaver, 3 sec channel, 1350-2250 arcane damage per sec, 12 sec cooldown
Arcane Orb: 6+k (on cloth) AoE with 6s silence, randomly targeted at the place where a non-melee player is standing,3 sec cooldown
Knock Away: Single Target knock back vs. the highest aggro target, reduces aggro, 20 sec cooldown. Can be dodged or parried to avoid the threat reduction.
Enrage: Wipes the raid after 10 minutes

The fight is thought one of the easiest in the game, due to no hard tactics or complications. It all comes down to the DPS, will they manage to kill it before the 10 minute enrage timer. Besides that its damn easy.

Melee dps should be in the middle of the circle and ranged DPS should be spread out around Reaver at maximum range from each other and from the boss, so it will be easy run away from the arcane orb. Theres a program called "Void Reaver Alarm" (Link), which can really help to avoid the orbs.

Melee DPS should try to run out for Pounding, Rogues can use cloak of shadows do avoid arcane damage.

About the knock back. Void Reaver is not tauntable, so we gonna need min 3 tanks on it, since if someone get aggro reduction, another tank has to be second on the the threat list.

Void Reaver has no phases. Its the same fight from the start to the end.

This gives a good idea about the fight. A very good overview tbh Video

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Re: Boss Tactics - Void Reaver aka Loot Reaver.

Post  Mironi on Mon Feb 04, 2008 4:43 am

If i can write just small note..
if we will give it up, and run out to reset the fight... dont fly headless away... because it becames really costly to the tanks.. i died yesterday 3-4 times only due no healing during the reset run and telling and beuntje have i think the same experience .


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